Carol is a guest at this traditional Mongolia wedding, Inner Mongolia.

Smily, Dick, Jack, Tony, Mr. Liu, and Carol disappear down into the fog, Jincheng, Shanxi Province.

Chinese in Beijing love and pamper their dogs – often small white ones like this one.

Children play on an inflatable playground outside Ito-Yodado Department Store, Beijing.

Yo singing an Inner Mongolia folk song at dinner for Valparaiso University visitors, Beijing.

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Couples dance in Purple Bamboo Park, Beijing.

A restaurant "entertainer" makes noodles tableside, Jincheng, Shanxi Province.

A budding artist at Fanzhidu School sketches Carol's portrait, Jincheng, Shanxi Province.

 Traditional shadow puppetry at Lao She Teahouse, Beijing.

Wen Wen cooks dinner in Carol's apartment.

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