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The Author

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      Carol Ann Nix is a Midwesterner by birth and by choice. She graduated from the University of Notre Dame Law School and practiced law in Indiana and Iowa.  She was a career prosecuting attorney for twenty years before switching to the more gentle profession of teaching, which became her passion.

       Carol was a professor in the Department of Sociology and Criminology at Valparaiso University – and a professor in the Graduate School when she taught in China.  She also taught Criminal Justice and Sociology courses at Ancilla College in her community.

      Writing is Carol's passion now.  For thirty years she wanted to write a book.  The topic she was destined to write about unexpectedly appeared from faraway China in 2008 when she was chosen to teach Chinese graduate students in Beijing.  

      China enticed her back year after year to teach ever more Chinese undergraduate and graduate students both at Fanzhidu School and at CAAS (Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences).  She never met an American or Chinese student she didn't love.

      Nature is Carol's third passion.  Born in Mishawaka, Indiana, she now lives in solitude on a peaceful fishing lake in her home state. She celebrates her single life with friends around the world and with cat companions Wild Thing, Tootsie, Red Cat, and a wandering feral kitten in the process of adopting her,  She will call him Pip if he stays.  Oh, and Carol has a favorite toy – a Ford Mustang 35th Anniversary GT Limited Edition convertible – metallic silver body with midnight black ragtop.  Yo says it swags.