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Author's Professional Background

      Carol has enjoyed special international relationships with both the Chinese and Japanese.  In 1992 she was a Visiting Expert at the United Nations Asia and Far East Institute (UNAFEI) in Tokyo.  Representing the University of Notre Dame Law School, Carol researched and wrote two papers on the topic of alternatives to incarceration for convicted criminal offenders.  She delivered these papers to criminal justice professionals from Asia, Africa, and South America at the 91st International Training Course.  Both papers were subsequently published.

China was first on Carol's agenda during Olympic Summer 2008.  She traveled to Beijing where she taught a graduate course to Chinese students. These students subsequently enrolled at Valparaiso University and continued their graduate work in the U.S.  Carol pioneered the Beijing teaching component of a program that partnered Valparaiso University and Fanzhidu Educational Information Consulting Co. Ltd.