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Pan Shumin 
Director of Department of English
​Graduate School,
Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences  
Beijing, China

Foreword—Dragon Hearts: Love in China

      Carol Ann Nix's first book Dragon Hearts: Love in China will be published in the Year of the Horse 2014.  I am excited at its coming.  The foundation for Carol's book is her love for China and her fascination with Chinese culture.  She writes from her own experiences -- from personal interactions with fellow-teachers, students, and ordinary Chinese people.  I am eager to read Carol's book, for it is sure to reflect her unique open-minded perspective on China and Chinese society.

      An attorney and American college professor, Carol Ann Nix taught under my direction at the Graduate School of CAAS (Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences) in Beijing. She taught English, American Culture, and Public Speaking to master's students, soon-to-be agricultural scientists.  It was during this 2012‒2013 academic year that I witnessed her professionalism and love for students.

      Learning is a two-way street for Carol.  She used her insight and broad-based life experiences to help students better understand the English language, American culture, and  Western thinking.  Students, in turn, taught Carol about themselves and their family backgrounds.  I am impressed by Carol's passionate desire to bridge the gap between our diverse cultures.

      In addition to teaching, Carol organized English Corner nighttime gatherings.  English Corner is a voluntary after-class activity, a platform for students to meet one another and informally practice their English skills.  In the casual setting Carol established, students felt free to express their ideas and opinions openly.  I have seen a dozen pictures of Carol with students at English Corner, and everyone is wearing a smile.

      By mingling and merging with students, Carol won their trust and love.  They went beyond the typical formal teacher-student relationship to become true friends.  As an example, students majoring in Tea Science showed their respect and affection by inviting Carol to attend their private traditional tea ceremonies.  An avid tea drinker, she was thrilled to learn Chinese tea culture firsthand.

      Carol is a people-person.  Her cheerfulness and positive energy influenced everyone she came in contact with.  Her curiosity about Chinese society and culture sharpened her senses.  It is always fresh eyes that notice a great abundance of novelty.  Carol cares deeply about changes taking place in modern China and how they affect the well-being of Chinese people and the environment.

      I am gratified that Carol and I were colleagues at CAAS. While here, she was not only a valuable professor and loving teacher, but also a cultural ambassador and my friend.  I will read Dragon Hearts: Love in China with great interest.

Pan Shumin


Director of Department of English

Graduate School, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences   Beijing, China

October 2014