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Dragon Hearts: Eagle in China​

      Eagle in China is about hearts touching hearts, and it focuses on many aspects of love and adventures in Beijing, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Xiamen, Guilin, and other exotic cities in China. More sequels in the Dragon Heart Series will follow.

​      Dragon Hearts: Eagle in China is the first sequel to Dragon Hearts: Love in China. Books in the Dragon Hearts Series are memoirs containing candid accounts of the author’s life in Beijing teaching Chinese graduate and undergraduate students. 

        Dragon Hearts: Eagle in China (Book 2 in the Series) picks up where Dragon Hearts: Love in China (Book 1) left off. It transports you into the lives of young urban Chinese professionals and university students in China’s modern-day capital—a teeming city undergoing spectacular growth and renewal—an ancient city rapidly adapting to and adopting Western material culture. 


Book 2 Description